Wamco Providing Lighting Solutions to Every Industry since 1968

Since 1968, Wamco has quickly grown to become the world leader in advanced light sciences, NVIS materials, optical filters, and lighting solutions and components. Since the beginning, we have been proudly serving the military, defense, aerospace, industrial, and medical industries. Please visit our Wamco Optical Products, Wamco Displays, or Wamco Lighting business units for solutions that meet your exact needs. Read More...

Offering the broadest NVIS applications in the world, our Optical Products division is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of complex light management materials and components.

With decades of display application experience, Wamco Displays offers complete custom or standard AMLCD modules integrating: optical bonding, EMI filters, sunlight readability, NVIS, and touch compatibility.

For more than 40 years, Wamco has been providing a wide spectrum of lighting solutions to industries across the globe.

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