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Koto Metal Halide lamps are the best option for a combination of high efficiency and high color rendering for color-critical applications. Due to the low power consumption and high lumen efficiency of Koto's HID lamps, reduced fixture size and better portability is possible. Koto's HID lamps perform flawlessly under the adverse conditions normally experienced in the studio or on location.

Koto Tungsten Halogen lamps are your best choice for studio, film and television lighting. These lamps provide virtually constant color temperature and light output throughout their life span. The consistent color and light output from lamp-to-lamp makes lamp replacement possible without affecting scene properties. The lamps compact and double-coiled filaments allow for accurate mating with fixtures and precise optical control. Koto Tungsten Halogen lamps are a reliable and robust solution for demanding lighting applications.

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Koto Lamp Benefits

  • Superb Brightness and Compact Size

  • Excellent Color - CRI 90+

  • Economical and Efficient

  • Proven Field Performance

  • Approved by ALL Major Fixture Manufacturers

  • Same Day Delivery in LA Market


Technologies Metal Halide, Tungsten Halogen
Wattages 125W - 24,000W
Bases Multiple Available

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